Swatch’s Mickey Mouse 90 Anniversary Design Is Being Sold For Only 24 Hours

Mickey Mouse just turned 90 and the internet is going wide. The most loved and known children’s character created by Walt Disney, of course, had a lot of press about this new milestone achieved, and brands rushing to make a limited edition version of their products to celebrate it while selling its products to devoted fans.

If you are a big Mickey Mouse fan – or just to honor your inner child which for sure was – one of the coolest products coming out to celebrate this event is Swatch’s new Mickey Mouse inspired watches.

Available in two different colors, the brand launched two designs signed by British designer Damien Hirst. Both designs have a modern deconstructed Mickey Mouse design, made out of dots, with the so famous Mickey colors on the bracelet.


The first design, Mirror Spot Mickey, is valued at $170 and is a limited edition of 19.999 pieces only. The watch has the artist’s signature on its reverse side and it will be available while stocks last – which shouldn’t be long.


The second design, Swatch Spot Mickey, has a slightly different bracelet but is much more limited with only 1.999 pieces being made. This design is valued at $255 and will be sold only at Swatch’s website. If you want one you better hurry, as the sale will only last 24 hours.


What other products are you looking forward to coming out this holiday season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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