Photochromic Glasses: Prescription with Sun Protection

If you use prescription glasses, you know the struggle of always having to carry a pair of your prescriptions one and your usual sunglasses. If carrying around 2 glasses at a time wasn’t already bad enough, having to either carry around a case for it or having the risk of it end up with a massive scratch in it is also a major downfall.


Thinking of the men who need both, photochromic lenses were created. The lenses have a transitioning technology which makes it darken when in contact with sunlight and lighten when not.


As this is just a lens tech, you can still get it with any glasses frame you wish and be as stylish as ever while having the convenience of not having to carry around and change glasses often throughout your day.


While this is already revolutionary, there are also a lot of lenses which features the best of both glasses’ world, with both photochromic and polarized protection. Here are our favorite ones:


The First and Only True Classic Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses by EJ

Perfect for outdoor activities wear of universal fit. This glasses literally makes you go have an outdoor adventure, as it is not compatible with cars windshields, so walk, don’t drive.


Classic Transition Lens Photochromic Reading Glasses Spring Hinged Readers Sunglasses for Men and Women by EYEGUARD

This is the perfect reading glass, so if you plan to stay at home and chill while reading a good book, this is the glasses to use.


Photochromic Sunglasses Cycling Sports Mountain Road Bicycle Eyewear by WHEEL UP

If cycling is your thing and you love the idea of having special goggles for it, check out this perfect cycling sunnies, it is sure to take your style to the next level while practicing the sport you love.


Metal Aviator Photochromic Transition Glasses Sunglasses Retro Vintage Fashion by TANTINO

Everyone needs a classic aviator style. It is a classic which never dies.


What’s your favorite pair of sunglasses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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