How to make the Most out of your 24 Hours In São Paulo, Brazil

Every city in Brazil has their own typical culture, but São Paulo is where they all get together.

Known as the economic and cultural center of South America, it is a great representation of Brazil’s very own mix culture, having, as a result, a big diversity immersion you’ll find at every corner. In order to make the best out of your trip, here are a few places and experiences not to miss:




Breakfast is the trickiest meal for tourists in Brazil as a traditional Brazilian breakfast is much different from many other countries, especially in São Paulo, where the usual go-to is our version of a french bread and black coffee, so if you are in the mood to experience a big and satisfying Brazilian style breakfast, go to Padoca do Maní, a delicious Brazilian bakery where you will for sure find something you’ll enjoy.



At such a fast-paced city, lunch can sometimes become a stressful experience some might even overlook, but not when you are at Figueira Rubaiyat. The restaurant was constructed around a century-old tree and is one of the best places in town to chill out and enjoy a great meal. Not only you get the pleasure of enjoying your lunch under the tree – which is particularly good when the temperature hit the high 90’s, but you will also be eating amazing fresh seafood and award-winning meat dishes made from the best chefs in town.



The Oscar Freire street is the place to shop, from jewelry, accessories, shoes, and clothes, to cars and cosmetics. In this street, you will find not only Brazilian brands like Arezzo and Havaianas but also stores like Chanel, Versace, and many others. Between one shopping spree to another, do make sure to stop at one of the many juice bars on the area for a refreshing beverage.



If you are looking for a park to go with lots to do, Ibirapuera park is the best decision. Known as one of Latin America’s largest city parks, not only it has everything you would expect and wish to find in a park, like the excellent division of bikes, skates and running pavements, it also has a lot of extra features such as a gymnasium, a planetarium, an auditorium, pavilions (where some Fashion Week shows take place), and lots of museums.



With a reddish pool that makes the rooftop view even better no matter the time or weather, the Skye bar, in Hotel Unique’s rooftop, have a big variety of exclusive drinks available at all times and it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and the happy hour with friends (which is its more crowded hour).



São Paulo is home of the Terraço Itália, located on the second tallest building in the city, an Italian cuisine restaurant complex with three different areas with piano and a panoramic view of the city on the 41st floor. Choosing to dine at this restaurant means a spectacular city background, this time at a slower pace.




Known as one of the best clubs in the world, D-Edge, has over 200 LED lights designed to enhance sensory experience. Known for always bringing the best of the national and international DJs to make up their parties’ lineups, the club also has a rooftop that opens at the end of every party just in time everyone can enjoy the sunrise as a perfect sensorial ending.



São Paulo’s public transportation is something every native wants to avoid. It is usually really crowded, especially after 5 pm and before 8 pm. The use of taxi-like apps like Uber is encouraged.

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