Having Sleep Troubles? The Following Products Will be Great Help

Most dapper gentlemen are hommes d’affaires, especially if you’re in entrepreneurship and double as a parent. Meaning you’re either always on the go outdoors or awake into the late hours handing business or hanging in with the energetic youngster. In effect, you’re left with very limited sleep time except for the power naps and involuntary crashing in the train, bus, parking lot or flight. According to research, 27% of people have trouble sleeping at night. This epidemic has reached a new all-time high and as with every recurring problem, the industry has come up with products to make it better.

Whether you suffer from insomnia or just take a long time to fall asleep, it is all too normal for our “always entertained selves” to be mad at the whole situation. There’s a whole pharmaceutical marked aimed at “curing” sleep problems and many of it don’t work or are just too aggressive for the human body to depend on daily.

If you are looking for not invasive methods that actually work, here are a few products to make sleeping your favorite time of your day for the dapper man who praises comfort in life:


Sleep Master’s Sleep Mask

The miracle sleep mask. If you have trouble falling asleep, odds are you have already tried many different sleep masks and must be completely skeptical on an article trying to tell you to buy another one, but this sleep masks eliminates all lights and isn’t tight enough to hurt you nor it is loose enough to slip off during your sleep. It has adjustable straps and comes with earplugs with removes the excess of noise.

The only downside of this product is that if you have long hair you must be extra careful while putting it on as the bands are closed with velcro, but only it is on properly, there’s nothing to worry about, as the mask don’t tend to move much during the night.


Weighted Blankets

Recommended to both adults and children, it is almost unheard of someone who owns a weighted blanket and isn’t completely obsessed with it – usually enough to recommend it to everyone they know.

Weighted blankets are available in multiple different weights, so you can choose one that works best for you. If you usually run warmer, consider getting one from a breathable material and keep in mind the heavier you are the heavier you want your weighted blankets to be, and vice versa.


Lavender Spray

There’s something about this botanical smell which induces sleep. Whether you choose to spray it directly on your pillow at night, spray it on your house so it can become the ultimate stress-free zone or both, lavender oil is known for helping you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of it.

If you are trying to live waste-free a good option is to get an essential oil diffuser and ditch the spray bottles.


Blackout Drapes

If you live somewhere where there is direct street light coming from your window, consider getting blackout drapes – this is a little tip we can learn from the best hotels that actually make it for a better night of sleep.

Blackout Drapes can be found in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to worry about it not matching your room decor aesthetic.


White Noise Sound Machine

If you live in a noisy city or in the heart of downtown area of major metropolitan hubs, or just hates to sleep in complete silence, it is a good idea to invest in a white noise sound machine. Not only its sound is relaxing and helps you sleep, but it also keeps the outside noise out, camouflaging it. Think of this as your baby’s lullaby tunes. treat yourself with one and watch how you succumb to row row row your boat…, merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream 🙂


Heated Mattress Pad

If you live in a cold city and being too cold is the reason to keep you awake at night, heated mattress pads may just fix that. This electric temperature-controlled necessity is sure to make your bed warmer and more inviting, leading to a better night of sleep. Imagine living in Fargo, North Dakota and environs and working late into a January night; the distinction between your bed and the white “snow bed” you just walked pass before entering your house will be very obscure.

This product comes with a little temperature controller, all you must do is choose how warm you want your bed to be at night and it’ll do just that.



What are your secrets for a better night of sleep? Share it with us below!

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