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Kareen weds Pete in an All Black Dress Code Event, the Most Anticipated African Wedding of 2018 in the DMV

We at Dapper Maniac are pleased to announce, Pete Ephanga, my good friend and acting Public Relations Officer of The Friendship Circle and NGM Boutique model and brand ambassador, is officially tying the knot this summer with his beautiful fiancée, Kareen Nyasa, soon to be Kareen Ephanga.

Out of all the cool engagement photo shoots we have all already seen on apps such as Instagram, Pete and Kareen chose to dare on theirs, taking the aesthetic and cultural reference of it to the next level.



The couple, who might have known each other since college campus days around mid 2000s, finally found themseleves in close proximity at Brontech Institute in 2014 where admiration became conspicuous between them even though courtship only reached apex a year later when career mobility took Kareen to a city  where already settled was her inamorato – Philadelphia.

The couple, both IT professionals, faultlessly architected a flawless outfit match game to a compatible backdrop for their prewedding photoshoot in a manner compared to a sofware deployed on a complementary platform.



The photoshoot took place at a New Mural at Arlington, VA was shut by No Kings Collective and featured matching Adidas tracksuit on mtaching Superstar sneakers, basketball moves a dapper signature white shirt on black trousers, black suspenders and bowtie, all bringing their love and union as the synchronous element.

The Proposal

It was a big moment when Pete showed up in Tampa Florida, in a trip he pretended not to be able to attend. With few of the couple’s friends present all dressed in white, on a yacht, came the moment. With every other attendee being aware of a surpirse except the to be fiancée, heartbeats seemed amplified and the frequencies eagerly triggered with anxiety yet the main actor of the episode remained poised. And like a child born and christianed in the Catholic cathechism, Pete, placidly genuflected with his eyes steadily wired to Karen's and in a lovey-dovey, he popped the big question as the yacht ploughed further offshore creating dense plumes of large bubbles within the water surface. Karen responded "YES" as the source of the surf's noise became tranquil with the tides and the attendees cheered in admiration while atmospheric components gradually changed the direction of sun rays, causing them to scatter into colorful sunsets on the blue ocean horizon.

Congratulations to the happy couple who are getting married on September 2nd. This exclusive event ceremony and reception will be held at an exquisite ornamented ballroom in Northern Virginia and it will be an all-black attire event, even though grey and white shirts will be allowed. The ties or bow tie and outer wear such as suits or blazers and trousers must be black.

In the following day, the festivities will continue with an all-white attire BBQ as a thank you and farewell party to the guests, planned to end on the early morning hours of the next day, which will be taking place at the family’s residence.



As it is a closed event, you can only get in with an invitation and a form of photo identification. Kids are not allowed.

Guests have until the last day of the month to RSVP and must contact Mrs Ephanga about any attendees modification as identitification will be checked and confirmed at the entrance, so do not wait to the last minute. 



The couple's gift registry with Target and Walmart, can be found here couple’s official marriage website.

The soon to be married couple have already been making headlines, including a lovely piece about their union with emphasys on their choice of engagement photo shoot location and style recently published at the Washingtonian, and we at Dapper Maniac can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

Pursuant to this wedding being one of a kind in which the Dapper Maniac will be physically involved, readers are hereby informed to be on the lookout for another artcle on dapper exuberance at the wedding. You do not want to miss that post wedding article as it happed.



Stay Tuned


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Everything you need to know about Denim; types, fit and styles

Difference between Denim and Jeans?

It's like Flour and Bread 🙂 Denim is the fabric which jeans are made of.

Before there were ripped jeans, believe or not there were not ripped ones, and that's just the beginning. Known as the casual of the casual fabric, today available as jackets, shirts, pants and more, jeans have become at an insanely fast pace the everyday staple we can't escape or live without. Jeans popularity may come from the fact it can be produced to fit any budget, whether it is much or not.

The 2001 American Music Awards may have graced us with the most memorable denim outfit of all times when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake both wore denim from head to toe. The iconic moment took place in what was probably the most relevant denim moment there was in this century, and since then, denim have been becoming mostly synonym of pants with the occasional come back as jacket piece trend.

None the less, jeans are to this day one of the only items of clothing to reach every demographic. Keep reading this article to immerse yourself in the fabulous world of denim history, differences and how to shop for the most flattering one.



What Is Denim?

The material itself is made of a resistant thick twill's warp-facing. If you look at it closely you will get the idea behind the production that consists basically of passing cross-wired threads of yarn under the warped threads. In denim's fabrication, the only threads dyed are the warped ones, the cross-wired one are left white giving it its known colored aspect difference between denim clothes on the inside (mostly white) and on the outside (mostly colorful). This method is known as the "Indigo Dyeing Process" and it is what gives jeans fading capabilities, diversifying it from most other fabrics.



The History of Denim

Denim was originally designed in the 1800's by a Swiss banker called Jean-Gabriel Eynard who was the one in charge of dressing the Massena's troops who were arriving at Genoa. His first creation was a pair of blue jeans called "Bleu de Genes", made with a fabric closer looking to corduroy cotton than today’s denim, as this was the main fabric his town at the time. Once it got known by the people in Nimes, they tried to copy it but ended up creating a similar looking product they named denim. At its creation time, it became a hit between the working class of France and Italy, until a higher quality improved version was produced and hit the higher-class costumers.

The product didn't hit the USA market until the German Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco, after 2 years working with his family at a dry good business in NYC, and realized the market opportunity there, which led to the opening of the first Levi Strauss & Co. Wholesale House, at first to sell high-quality fabric to tailors, much like his brothers. It wasn't until one of his customers, Jacob Davis, talked Strauss into partnering with him in a new company to create products to the workers working to build the San Francisco skyline that the Levi jeans were invented.

To start the collaboration, Strauss patented a model, which was used to the creation of many pants made by the duo in their quest to find the best working fabric to suit it. After trying every fabric at Strauss store, they decided denim to be the best option for working pants, able to sustain rivets at all stress points of the product which was then marketed to contractors. The first Levi "waist overalls" for sale was made in 1873. The product wasn't called jeans until 1960's and was working clothes, until the release of the movie "Rebel without a cause", back in the 50's when James Dean character wore the famous blue loose pair.

As a direct response to James Dean wearing such item, the youth became very fond of it, becoming a popular trend after the movie release, but just as fast as it became a trend, the trend got banned from places like restaurants and schools until the 60's "flower power movement" started. By the 80's most manufacturers already produced their own version of the product.

The first washed effect jeans were created by Limbo, an NYC manufacturer, to give a worn-in effect to the product. The same manufacturer was also the first to sell patched ones and ripped jeans. In the 80's, a Canadian created the stone-wash method. In the 90's the item began to be used as a casual attire at offices which still is nowadays (most fridays in corporate America).

Merits of denim

  1. Denim fabric creases easily.
  2. It is very strong and durable.
  3. Provides warmth during cold weather.
  4. Lasts for years when handled properly.
  5. Resistant to tears and snags.



Cut and Fit

When it comes to jeans, the cut and fit is basically what gives the item its shape. A man must always choose looser formats for work situations (if your workplace allows such a casual piece). When it comes to social situations, a man finds his freedom to follow the latest trends in the market, but it is important to find within the trends a fitting that works with your body. In the end, it all comes to personal preference and your ideal fit.

To find your ideal fit, you must keep track of both waistband placement and leg cut. The first is the location the waistband sits while you are wearing it, nowadays the most usual is mid-rise jeans, which stays at the waistline, seen as high-rise ones are vintage and low-rise are mostly hard to wear, the natural position of the mid-rise seems to work for most body types, flattering its users. The second is as talked about as jeans colors, and just as perceived. The cut of the jeans leg happens to have a lot of variety, the most used currently being:


1.    Skinny jeans

Preferable to men with slim to medium thigh size, this type of jeans seem to be the favorite of the decade. This style fit is tight from the top to the bottom of the leg making your natural shape shine.


2.    Straight jeans

This cut is a classic that works best for men with bigger thighs, having the same size from top to bottom. When shopping for it keep in mind it should hug your upper thigh and follow the same sizing to the bottom.


3.    Slim cut jeans

Looser than the skinny jeans and tighter than the straight ones this cut is a great in between, closer to the skinny side of the scale. This cut starts a little loose at the upper leg and gets tighter on its way down.



4.    Tapered jeans

These jeans are the in-between of the slim cut and straight cut. The best shape for people with bigger thighs that wish to look stylish, as the cut is like the skinny ones.


5.    Bootcut jeans

This kind of jeans are tight in the upper thighs and gets looser once past the knees, making it basically this century usable bell bottoms. This look works for most body shapes and is a particularly clever idea if you have bigger calves and have a tough time finding a style of jeans that don't over accentuate it.

When it comes to length keep in mind you can never go wrong with the classic one, as it is the most proportional one to date.


Color and Wash

When it comes to color you can find denim in every single color there is but remember a few of them get very limited use, unlike the classic blue jeans which are appropriate to every situation jeans are appropriate. The wash is also an important thing to consider when it comes to the final jeans color as not only it fades its original color but also can age the pants fast. Levi's CEO advises people to never wash their jeans to keep it as good as new, but as a dapper man, this idea just sounds repulsive.


Types of Fades

Every jeans color will eventually fade with every wash, it's the natural thing to happen, but a few companies have taken it upon themselves to fade jeans from the factory to give it a more expressive look and try to have control over how the jeans will wash out. To do so, they find vintage jeans and analyze its fading and try to recreate it in their factory. A few of the fading being replicated include:


1.    Honeycomb Fade

The natural knee fading usually from used jeans are now also factory made to give the item a broke in aesthetic.


2.    Train Tracks Fading

Before being made at factories, this type of fading only happened after a lot of use, mostly due to the pressure the legs inside the jeans make on the outseam.


3.    Whiskering fades

Also known as hige, these are the fading lines created from creases formed in the front pocket area of jeans.


If you are looking to purchase long lasting jeans, choose one with the least fades as possible as not only it will go out of style quickly, as every trend always do, but it will also become sloppy looking much more quickly.


The Different Types of Denim Material

Believe it or not, there isn't just one kind of denim, they may all look similar but there are several types of this fabric being produced due to high demands.

1.    Raw or Dry denim

Denim made from 100% organic cotton, meaning no mixture whatsoever. This is the normal denim which you can treat in many different ways to create the different styles. This fabric is very durable, hard wearing and versatile. This kind of denim isn't pre-washed before being sold, which means the way you use it and wash it will have a much bigger effect on how it fades. 


2. Sanforized Denim

This is denim fabric which is processed so that it does not shrink after being washed. Most of the denim which is not raw is Sanforized.


3. Selvedge denim 
The most expensive type of denim made from a continuous cross yard that creates an unraveled edge. This denim is known for long durability. 


4. Tretch denim 
The most wrinkle resistant type of denim, it's also the dressier one. This type of denim is used in the process of making casual wear, being also a lightweight type. 


5. Slub denim 
The rarest type of denim, also known as crosshatch, made with an uneven yard. 


6. Printed denim 
This type of denim usually has a pattern printed all over it which can be stripes or flowers.


7. Reverse denim 
The denim made to be reversible, in which both the outside and the inside are the same, so you can't easily say which one is which. 


8. Marble denim 
Also known as acid wash denim, due to the use of strong bleach in the production. 


9. Bull denim 
This type of denim is "as resistant as a bull", being both heavy and durable. 


10. Colored Denim 
This type of denim is a twill. Made by dyeing the weft or warp the desired color. Basically any color that is different from the traditional blue dye.


11. Crushed Denim 
Made with a fabric containing an overtwist yarn at the weft giving it a permanent wrinkle look. Be careful when buying this type as it shrinks when washed.

12. Vintage Denim

For achieving old and worn outlook, a denim treatment that applies heavy stone wash or a cellulose enzyme wash with bleach or without bleach is called vintage denim.


How to look dapper in Jeans?

A classic look warrants darker and solid looking jeans. Might be slightly bleached or distressed but not shreded or crushed, as they are able to pull off a more elegant look. The inverse approach is recommended to achieve a casual look, perfect for going out with friends. Remeber, Denim as a garment fabric, whether in solid color or fade; whether raw or distressed; whether organic or bleached, remains a signature that never goes out of fashion!

What do you know about jeans that I missed in this article? Drop a comment


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Dress Code Etiquette for Dapper Men

Style as I mentioned in the style vs fashion article is by far the most important asset to a dapper man. Also knowing how to appear at each event within or even above the dress code expectation is a skill set that need not be emphasized to a man known to be dapper. Ever wondered why ? the answer is simple; he understands dress code etiquette which is vital in wardrobes architecting and shopping habits. When it comes to quality, he understands high-end quality beyond brand names. Besides knowing the etiquette of men’s dress code and  fabulously chosen brands you need to know how to assemble the clothes according to the occasion or your destination. To help in the always meticulous job of choosing what to wear, here is an easy break down of the code to make your getting dressed routine easier and much faster.


White Tie Attire

The the most formal dress style used only in high society events being only appropriate after dark. For reference of this style, think of the monopoly mascot (also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags).


1.    Tailcoat jacket

This jacket must be black and well-tailored.

2.    Trousers

The trousers for this dress code must be made of the same material as the tailcoat jacket, be pleated and worn with suspenders.

3.    Shirt

Must be white stiff-fronted with stiff wings, detachable wings preferred.

4.    Pocket Square

Must be worn and must be white.

5.    Waistcoat

Must be white and low-cut.

6.    Tie

White bow tie only.

7.    Socks

Black silk socks only.

8.    Shoes

Black patent leather pumps.

9.    Non-optional Accessories

Mother of pearl studs and cufflinks.

10.    Optional

Black top hat, white leather gloves, white lapel flower, gold pocket watch and walking stick.


Morning Dress Attire
This also known as the formal day dress has been the dress code for many weddings nowadays with daylight reception in an open field, even the royal wedding followed this strict dress code.

1.    Morning Coat
The morning coat is a must and colors should be either dark grey or black.
2.    Plain or Striped Trousers 
The trousers must charcoal, grey or black.
3.    Square Pocket
White or light-colored shirt with French cuffs .
4.    Waist Coat
This garment can be single-breasted or double-breasted. Can also be plain or stripped
5.    Necktie
Choose a light colored tie for this dress code
6.    Shoes
Pulished Calfskin Oxord or Loafers or Derbie

7. Top Hat (optional)

Before you think about David Beckham's attire at the just passed 2018 Rayl Wedding for Prince Harry& Markle, there was Karen & Philip's wedding in 2017 at Cambridge as seen below. Who copied from whom? smiley


Black Tie Attire

One of the most elegant dress codes, where quality and fitting are just as big of a deal as the pieces composing it. Tailoring is the key to this look, it doesn’t matter how expensive and exclusive your outfit is, if it isn’t well tailored, you are doing black tie wrong. Think about Most White Weddings, celebrity award shows like OSCARS or Golden Globe Awards as an example.


1.    Tuxedo

You can’t do black tie without a tuxedo. For this strict dress code, always choose the highest-quality black tuxedo for maximum style.

2.    Shirt

For this dress code, shirts must be white.

3.    Non-optional

Turned down wing collar, white pocket square, peaked lapel, French cuffs, cuff-links and silk black ribbed bow tie.

4.    Optional

Shirt studs and cuff-links.

5.    Shoes

Patent leather shoes or well poliched black shoes. Checkout Connaisseur Paris's tuxedos and formal collection


Creative Black Tie Attire

The only difference between the original black tie attire and the creative black tie attire is you can choose colored accessories, such as bow tie, cummerbund, and vest. Matches the standards for wedding receptions, award shows and Movie Premiers


Business Attire

Having a professional looking attire at work not only makes you look more professional but as a dapper man, makes you even more confident which end up making your work better. Business Attire also demands respect and gets it.


1.    Suit

You already know business attire calls for a suit, but besides making sure to have a well-tailored one, you must also know how to shop for it. Our tip is to go for darker colors such as black, charcoal and navy blue.

2.    Shirt

Stock up in the white shirts as they not only are business attire essential but fashionably speaking, they contrast with the dark colored suits, making your whole outfit “pop”. It is important to note this does not mean at all you have to only wear plain white shirts, as long as it is white, you can and should pick a different variety within’ the spectrum.

3.    Neckties

When it comes to neckties, the most professional looking ones almost follow the suit colors rule, the black, grey and blue are the best choices and you can always get patterned ones.

4.    Pocket Squares

You should always choose white pocket squares to wear at the workplace, it is a classic and follows the ambient classically professional vibe.

5.    Socks

As a dapper man, you do not want to be not taken seriously or be respected, so you must not use pattern socks at work, you are not a child, you are a professional adult and must look like it, so stock up on the solid color ones and if you own any patterned ones, either throw it away or leave it for less professional places.

6.    Shoes and Belt

You must always wear Oxford shoes to work, and the color must always match your belt and vice versa. At first, the only two acceptable colors for both when it comes to the workplace were solid black and brown but contempporary appearance accepts darker colors like navy and even checkered and stripped patterns. Keep in mind the variety of shades of brown shoes and belts there are the market and feel free to choose freely between all of them. See examples of contemporary business attire from Connaisseur Paris Boutique.

Business Casual Attire

The casual version of the business outfit is all about finding the perfect balance between casual and business in order to not look too uptight but still look professional as it is worn in a business environment. This dress code can be best exemplified as the open-minded brother of the business outfit code. The variety of both color and clothes grow exponentially and you are much more free to show a little bit of personality. The most popular business casual attire components are blazers or sport coats and a smart kakhi pants or solid color jeans (not ripped or destroyed jeans) and a leather sneaker (not the type meant for execise or sport activities) or drivers.


1.    Environment

There are a few different cases of business casual, such as no tie or suit (which has been getting much more popular nowadays) and just no tie. It is important to distinguish where your workplace fit in, in order to dress accordingly.

2.    No suit code

If your workplace reinforces a no suit code, you should opt for the use of sports jackets and trousers.

3.    Collar

In the business casual code, no tie is the norm, but when it comes to your shirt’s collar, you can choose to wear it open or not. As this is business casual, not casual, if you choose to wear your collar open, you must leave the magnetic collar on, to avoid looking sloppy.

4.    Shirt

In business casual, you can choose whatever shirt color you want, but just as in business code outfit, they must have long sleeves, as a dapper man you don’t want to look like an Italian model on vacation at your workplace.

Pro tip: If you feel like it, you can also wear cashmere and wool crewneck sweaters.

5.    Shoes

The outfit code have a much more diverse variety when it comes to shoes, you can choose between Mocassins, Oxfords, Loafers, Derbys and Monkey Straps,

6.    Color Balance

Keep in mind you don’t want to look like a color block, so play around with the tone of your clothes to make your look more stylish by choosing light bottom when you choose a dark top and vice-versa. Checkout varieties of the most stylish sport coats at Connaisseur Paris


 Cocktail Attire

The men’s cocktail dress code leaves room for accessories, but be sure not to go overboard with substituting a blazer with a tuxedo (tuxedo does not fit this concept). This outfit is for a soiree event, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, dinners or dates. As far as accessories are concerned

1. A well tailored two or three pieces suit

2. A pocket square or lapel pin delivers the perfect touch of subtle style.

3. A dress watch,

4. A a tie bar or some nice cufflinks and you’re good to go.

5. Any decent pair of shoes work here, could be sneakers, loafers, derbies, oxfords etc

A cocktail attire for men is a common ground between business and business casual even though jeans are JUST NOT permitted. 


Casual Attire

Casual attire is basically weekend attire. Best described as when you don’t dress sloppy, but you are not trying to look professional either. This category is between staying inside your home outfit (which as a dapper man also shouldn’t be sloppy), and business outfit. This is the outfit you go out with friends and partner on the weekend, where you must look on top of your fashion game balancing your style with the new trends in fashion.


1.    Pants and shorts

In casual outfits both pants and shorts can be either jeans or chinos, you must distinguish when to wear each. Differently, from the styles stated above, shorts are acceptable.

2.    Shoes

Remember, this is the going out and be seen but not professionally look, enjoy this moment to wear your sneaker collection while you are out and about, proudly.

3.    Shirts, T-shirts, and Polos.

Casual attire includes polos, shirts, and t-shirts, you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing polos and shirts, but with t-shirts remember not to wear screened ones.

4.    Blazers

If you are looking to dress up while wearing a t-shirt just add a blazer to the outfit.


Ultra Casual Attire

Only acceptable when you are having your holiday in the sun, this dress code is as free as it can get and there aren’t many rules to follow, meaning you have a lot of choices and must use your style sense not to look like a slop.


1.    Top

You can always count on t-shirts to pull off this look. Your options are limitless and your only worry should be finding good fitted ones, because as a dapper man you already know quality well.

2.    Bottoms

Just as you can always count on a nice fitted t-shirt for this attire, you can also count on shorts. Choose them above the knee to avoid looking shorter and choose based on functionality.

3.    Shoes

Choose moccasins and sneakers while making sure to not have your socks showing.

4.    Accessories

A way to make this simple look stylish is to add bracelets, watches, and rings.

As you can see, to each dress code there is a correspondent purpose and location. As a dapper man, it is important to know to decode them to perfection in order to be ready for every opportunity. Also note that examples are based on dapper lifestyle, hence what may appear too stylish to a regular eye may be considered casual to a dapper man smiley

One more thing, before you hit your chest that you have the right outfit for the next occasion, always make sure the texture, cut and finish are top notch…

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Guide to Sunglasses, a major key to Dapper Looks

As a dapper man, you know sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement, even though they do a great job at it, they are a necessity to every human being on the planet, but also a simple accessory that can make a man’s outfit go from normal everyday boring clothes, to a full elegantly executed look. Keep reading this article to make sure to be both informed of the benefits of such product, the best type for your face shape and the most fashionable one you can find today, and let it guide you through the land of perfectly picked sunglasses.


Importance of Sunglasses

When sunglasses were created, it was to improve one’s vision, not their outfit, so its use has many benefits, both that remains from its creation time to new ones our society deem important today. As a dapper man myself, I believe this kind of knowledge must be propagated.


1.    UVA/UVB

You have always heard of this two acronyms and you know it is connected to the subject of sunglasses, so here is what you may not know: The UV (ultraviolet) radiation we all know are overwhelmingly powerful. If not properly repelled, in your late life it can cause your sensitive eyes to have diseases such as cataracts, and increase risks of macular degeneration. Make sure to only purchase ones which specifically say “100% UVA/UVB” for the best protection at all times.


2.    Squinting

As a dapper man you take great pride in your skin, especially your facial skin, and as you must know, squinting cause wrinkles, and no one wants that, so do your future self a favor and put on sunglasses before heading out.

3.    Lighting Change

If you have ever been comfortably indoors and suddenly go outside, you know you felt blinded for a few seconds, until your eyes go used to the sudden illumination change. The same happens when you are turning off all of the lights in our home before heading to bed. Wearing sunglasses make this not happen, as it is easier on the eyes, and even know I’m not suggesting you wear sunglasses before bed, I certainly advise you to use it while you are driving.


4.    Vision

There’s a reason we squint when not wearing sunglasses during the daytime, wrinkles aside, the biggest problem is we can’t see, wearing sunglasses will improve your vision during outdoor activities.


5.    Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, you know bright lights directly into your eyes can even cause migraines. Sunglasses help with this problem being a big pro, as no dapper man likes to feel bad, especially in a “not being even able to work” scale.


6.    Style-wise

Sunglasses help you improve your style game, you can check this fact by googling David Beckham’s royal outfit (even know his outfit itself was amazing). Most man only accessory at the most time are sunglasses and no one even notice their lack of jewelry, even know as a dapper man, you wouldn’t pass on jewelry, sunglasses complement your outfit even more.

7. Maintaining Class.

If you notice very well most celebrities have a class of their own and an almost perfect lifestyle to live up to, thus a pair of shades is a must have at all times. Celerbitity sunglasses are very stybollic to their style and it serves them many purposes such as paparazzi camera flashes, avoid getting noticed, conceal tiredness from public notice etc. Cameroon's Afro RnB/Soul Singer, Song Writer and Performing Artist and maker of a special women apprecation hit single Woman Crush Tzy Panchak (pictured below ) is one conspicous example for his dapper signature appearance in Versace Sunglasses

8. Overcoming Shyness 

Did you know that besides wearing sunglasses for the various health benefits above, some men are actually too shy that they hide behind shades to look bold? While there are the type of gentlemen who cannot look into the eyes of a charismatic woman to talk to them ;), there equally those who cannot walk pass a croud not to even mention stand to talk infront of a group of people but can try to overcome their timidity with the help of shades.


How to Match Sunglasses and Outfit

Rather you choose a solid color or patterned outfit, you can always match your colors to a more stylish look. Sunglasses-wise, you can match either the frame or the lenses to your clothes. Don’t believe in the misconception that the sunglasses must match a big key piece such as your shirt. Any details such as a similar pattern or small details in your outfit do  the job just fine.


Lenses Color Choice

When it comes to picking sunglasses lenses color, frame-wise, you can choose any color you want, but when it comes to the lenses, there are a few more appropriate than others.


1.    Grey lenses

The perfect day to day color. It is chic and elegant, but not too much as to be inappropriate or seem like you are trying too hard to look cool.


2.    Green lenses

Green lenses are the best for any sport related activities. Keep in mind polarized lenses are often better for this kind of activity as they block out sun glares.


3.    Brown lenses

Brown lenses are perfect for the countryside, so rather you live in it, or is planning a trip to, make sure to pack your brown lenses sunglasses.


4.    Graduated lenses

As a dapper man you love to read, to make sure you can read at any situation outdoor, such as at a park, the beach or even at your own backyard, make sure to buy graduated lenses (the one with darker color on top and lighter color on the bottom) to keep you protected and able to enjoy your book.


Picking Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Your face shape should always be taken into consideration when purchasing sunglasses, the right one will be the ones looking better on your face embracing and highlighting your features. To help you figure out your face shape and the best sunglasses for it, here is a quick guide:


1.    Triangle Face Shape

This face shape has the format of an inverted triangle, meaning your face starts larger (in the forehead) and ends with a smaller bottom (at the jaw), the cheekbones being the medium size between both extremes.  Triangle faces usually have pretty hard straight lines, to make the lines seem more natural, opt for rounded sunglasses.


2.    Square Face Shape

This shape of face has a square jaw with length and width almost exact the same from top to bottom. Rounded is the word when it comes to it, not only rounded glasses, but different shapes with rounded edges do the trick, but do choose it with precaution to not take it to an extreme.


3.    Round Face Shape

If you have a round face shape you can basically wear any type of sunglasses and it will look good, but be careful with circular ones (such as John Lennon’s famously one) as it be too much.

4.    Rectangular Face Shape

This type of face shape is long with rounded cheekbones and jaw. They are the one that can pull off basically any shape sunglasses, the only exception being the teardrop ones as it will bring too much attention to your jaw which may be negative to your look.


5.    Diamond Face Shape

Well defined jaw the same size, or almost the same size of the forehead with bigger cheekbones are what make this face shape. Rectangular and rounded styles are the best bet not to come out looking too strong.


6.    Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape is basically a rounded version of the triangle face shape. The best sunglasses for this type of face shape are the tear-drop ones (also know as aviators), they even help your jaw look a little bigger.


7.    Oval Face Shape

This face is longer than wider, with a little bit rounded jaw and cheekbones. This face shape can wear any type of sunglasses, so enjoy to play around with every different sunglasses shape. Gucci might just be the answer for a dapper look witn a Sunglass statement. Another promising DMV based RnB Song writer, Recording and Performing Artist O2udor (pictured below), maker of the hit song  My Girl is a perfect portrait of Gucci Sunglasses on an Oval face shape. 

8.    Neutral Sunglasses

There is one type of sunglasses that work as chameleons and work on every single face shape, the wayfarer. You may remember a few years ago the biggest trend in fashion was this Ray-Ban coined shape, and besides being cool and available in every color, especially nowadays as many other brands have been producing them (just not under the wayfarer name), this is the key choice to go to if you don’t know your face shape, or is trying to pick one different from the above stated rules, in this case, this are the ones you want to reach for next time you are shopping.

As there is nothing like the original, in wayfarer’s case, we recommend you choose a Ray-Ban. To get one such as this picture below, theck here one such as click here to checkout this Ray-Ban collection.

As a Dapper man, you are one to look for both high quality and brand tags, if you also happen to be an avid online shopper, once a new model comes out it may automaticly have your heart and you may feel tempted to purchase it as fast as you can, without trying it on first. Trying sunglasses on before buying it is just as important as tailoring your clothes, knowing your cigar and being clean at all times. Therefore, before clicking the “buy now” button,  go to the store to try it on because as we all know having a huge collection of sunglasses you either not like or is not sure about is a waste when there's always someone outhere who actually wants the pair so bad. So help a fellow dapper man and yourself, and always endeavor to try them on before you buy, since unlike clothes, sunglasses can’t be easily modified to fit you better.

If you are currently looking to buy designers sunglasses for the lowest price, we reccomend United Shades.

Have you found your face shape and perfect sunglasses match in this article?

Leave us a comment below letting us know, we would love to hear your opinions!


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12 Common Traits of Extremely Stylish Gentlemen that can easily be noticed

Remember the previous post where we differentiated a fashionable from a stylish man? Yes, one of the differences we pointed out is fashion is in the stores while style is in you. If you find someone with style, then he must truly be living in style. In this post I will be bringing to your attention common traits of stylish gentlemen like myself 😊. This must not be absolute but to a greater extend holds true most since dapper men share common traits.


1. Stylish men do not compromise when quality is concerned. When you know, it becomes impossible to not know. Quality defines style, in other words you cannot talk style when you do not know quality. Extremely stylish men understand this philosophy better than anyone else, no doubt a stylish gentleman would rather buy a used LG Smart TV at a price higher than a brand new Vizio smart TV everything else being equal.

2. They are superfluously detailed. Stylish men are stylish because they craft their style to suit their personalities. They tend to pay attention to every little detail on just about anything. The electronics must have certain feature before they can validate, the shoe sole must be of a certain height, the suit lining must be of a certain color, the business vs evening suit must be of a certain fabric, the furniture must be made of a certain wood type, the car’s steering wheel must be of a certain height, the car doors must not make a certain sound when closed, the actor's shoes looked wrinkled, the presenter's shirt didn't fit too well etc. Very insignificant things a normal man will not even notice or ignore, is a big deal to stylish men.


3.  A dapper man is a picky man. It is very normal to spot that dapperly looking gentleman in a party who is the only one not with a glass or plate in his hand simply because his choice of drink or food is not available. They are the hard liners and very strongly opinionated. They are very adamant to flow with the crowd. They will not eat at certain places, wear certain brands of clothing or not sleep in certain hotels. They live in their own world and are never bothered about what the majority is doing provided it does not temper with the integrity of their style.

4. They do not necessarily shop the trending fashion. Though it sounds like Kanye’s huge ego, stylish men pay less attention to what the runways, magazines and fashion events have to offer at any given point in time. Instead, they can go any length to look for a specific fashion item to compliment their outfit. It is very normal to spot a stylish man in discounted stores like Last Call, Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, thrift stores or even yard sales as the quest to compliment a specific outfit is bigger than the affluence of the supplier.

5. They are extravagant with satisfying their sense of style. A stylish man can pay the equivalence of the most expensive trending shoes for a vintage bangle, simply because it suits his style. This may sound crazy, but it is a fact. I remember my first shopping in the US was a Sisley in Georgetown, Washington DC where I bought a tan U-neck pinstriped vest for $375(was only making $10.50/hr back then) and my friends said I was insane 😊. I had a white kaki pants harnessed with tan leather side buckles and a tan John Vervatos ankle boots that I wanted to match the vest with. Nothing could stop me from buying that vest as I had long been searching for something similar. Coming in contact with that vest was an epiphany. I have also bought a vintage suspender from Estonia for 400 euros, just to satisfy an appearance I had crafted in my head. please ignore the bowtie 🙂



6. They have undying love for luxurious car brands/models. You can predict the presence of s stylish man from the parking lot. If it’s an American brand then it's either a dodge challenger, corvette, Cadillac or Lincoln and if it's Japanese then it's a Lexus, Acura or infinity. A majority of stylish gents are go pro-European with brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Maserati, Bentley etc.


7. They are always equipped with the necessary gentleman’s outdoor accessories or toolkit. Everyone can purchase a watch, eyeglasses, portable electronics etc. but only a stylish gentleman purchases a complete set. They have spare phone charges (including brands they don’t own just in case someone is in need), power banks for laptop and tablet or cell phone, eyeglasses cleaning pack, watch maintenance toolkit, cellphone extra protection pack, laptop/tablet/cell phone cleaning pack, headphones, tom drive, USB cable, shoe polish/brush, handkerchief, umbrella, mouth wash, pen & notebook, a spare pair of suit set etc.

8. Most stylish people have their homes setup in style as well. They spend a great deal of resources towards furniture, home electronics and even kitchen utensils. They are good fragrance collectors; hence you expect the best smell even from the bathrooms. Reason why their homes are always a reflection of their dapper appearance.

9. Stylish men are very knowledgeable. Knowledge is a prerequisite of style. That is to say if you do have the mastery of the art, you cannot bring out the aesthetics embedded in it. Style goes beyond brand names, it involves in depth knowledge of fabrics cut, texture, color, seam and fit. It is neither by magic or coincidence that a stylish man always look different. The reason they are very detail oriented as previously explained is simple, they take time to research on the when, where, how and why of their favorite clothing and accessories. They enjoy knowledge sharing mediums like blog posts and enjoy popular outdoor hangout spots like pubs and coffee shops where they can meet other men with similar interests.

10. Stylish men are the real deal when it comes to grooming routine. Their understanding of hair care, facial care, foot care and overall skin can be compared to that of ladies. They would rather be late than appear shabby even on a casual rendez-vous. While some have calendars for facial treatment, others have for hair treatment even those who are entirely bald still treat their baldness with finesse. That is why ladies can attest stylish gentlemen are the cleanest men out there from inside out, they do not only look good on a Saturday night. Looking good beyond expensive designer clothes and shoes is the philosophy we are preaching here.

11. Stylish men are creative, they tend to create their own style amidst several fashion trends and still standout. They do not pay too much attention to the store mannequin, instead; they design their own appearance from fashion accessories. They can go extra miles in crafting their appearance and what is intriguing is that the final product will always be seductive 😊.


12. Extremely stylish men are very charismatic. It takes more than just hype to be you, to always appear in a way that brings out your personality and entices others. That means being very conspicuous and yet remain you is an attribute that most shy folks cannot handle. Stylish men are envied and talked down upon simultaneously. They are most often detested and criticized openly either because of insecurity and low self esteem from peers caused by their commanding and flamboyant personality or by simply because of hate.

Do you agree?

What else can you add…

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Fashion vs Style, complete overview and analysis every gentleman must know


Fashion and Style till this date remain the most interchangeable used terms among not only men but women as well. It is clear that the challenge of making a clear difference between fashion and style is a reality in our world today. As a classy gentleman, one ought to have figured out himself regarding his style in the early adult age.

Coming from a developing country where we struggle to keep up with the images on magazines and TV shows from second handed wardrobe recycles from the West, one will think people of the west are better of. This is also false preconception. While some people have a wardrobe full of fashion outfits but still unable to dress themselves up appropriately, others try to assemble every designer brand name on them at once and step out looking like a masquerade. This type of people lack the sense of style. And apparently too ignorant to realize the damage they are doing to themselves.

The saying goes "what makes style; STYLE is what makes you; YOU"
This implies your personality is your style and can be made easy if you know who you are. Teens or young adults tend to switch styles way too often because they are still trying to figure out themselves as they grow up. If you do not dress in a way that portrays your personality, you may be working too hard. Fashion can be costly, stressful and challenging to stay abreast with. Note that once you have crafted your style, dressing up becomes effortless.

While fashion leaps from look to look with little rhyme or reason; style evolves rhythmically, adapting and becoming stronger, consistently solidifying and establishing itself in heritage and tradition. When it comes to men's style, the following table summarizes it all and can also serve as a guide for gentlemen seeking to become fashionable and stylish.

Fashion is versatile Style is eternal
Fashion is universal Style is individual
Fashion is for followers Style is for leaders
Fashion is propagated Style is intuitive
Fashion persuades Style seduces
Fashion is in the store Style is in you
Fashion is in brands Style is your brand
Fashion can be costly Style is effortless
Fashion distracts Style connects
Fashion is attached to the masses Style is attached to class
Fashion emphasizes on the clothing Style emphasizes on the person
You buy fashion to increase your collections You invest in crafting and improving your style

However, fashion and style are interrelated and sometimes complements each other. For example, you cannot be stylish without buying fashion that suits your style. In other words, fashion is what is presented to you by fashion designers and style is what you pick based on your sense of style.

Comparatively, I’d say a stylish man is dapper, but a fashionable man isn’t necessarily. I have come across many persons heavily armored with trending designer clothing and accessories all over but still look scruffy fashion-victim.

It is for this reason I’d rather be stylish and invest rather than fashionable and simply buy when building my wardrobe. By investing in style, you can build a wardrobe that keeps looking better with time than have a dissociated pile of fashion in your wardrobe.

I will conclude by saying fashion is the hype while style is the substance. Don't just buy fashion, become dapperized!

Your thoughts?

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