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Welcome the world of Dapper Maniac where passion and obsession for style is the DNA composition of the quality gentleman. Dapper Lifestyle as I qualify it, is what you are about to see, feel and breathe as you get to know me and why I am here.

Before we dive into dapper lifestyle analysis, let me tip you on some key issues I will be addressing which most gentlemen(especially the shy and egoistic types) faced on a daily basis.



Do you understand the difference between style and fashion?

How do you properly architect your wardrobe?

What is your understanding of dressing code ?

Is a good looking gentleman on the streets necessarily living a dapper life? In other words what really makes you a connoisseur?

Are you faced with the challenge of not knowing where and how to shop?

Is fashion about what you wear or how you look in what you wear?

How to identify authentic vs replica apparel?

So after all who is going to answer all above questions?

The dapper Maniac himself –  named Leonard and goes by various aliases such as Le Tendancier (Trend Setter in French), Dapper Clinician, Grandma’s Boy, Aries Prince etc. 😉 is an IT infrastructure professional with several years of experience supporting commercial and federal agencies.

–        I am a fashion and style enthusiast with special interest in the lifestyle of a savvy gentleman (connoisseur). I have the wit for fashion and style to the core with a key interest in stylish men's lifestyle.

–        I am an Arian(those who are shrewd with zodiacs will best understand), born in early April in Cameroon in a small town which served as a connector to suburban and urban centers on the south western coastal region of the country. I gained early exposure to fashion and trends as early as in my kindergarten age coupled with the fact that I lived almost entirely with my grand mother who was a part time seamstress (who designed most of clothes from western imported fabrics).

–        As a teenager, I spent a great deal of time outdoors. I mingled and made friends with both local and international professional soccer players (who were already ahead in the fashion game) thanks to my befriend being a soccer player and the fact that I lived with my grand mother who gave me the freedom I very much desired to stay outdoors like every teenager wanted.


–        My less than average height among my peers and huge ego to standout was the birth of my creativity in style. While in secondary and high school, my hand made uniforms were sewn differently and I always had the trending shoes which made me standout of my peers. This was thanks to my grandmother’s reward for academic excellence and sometimes from the big brothers that I hangout with who were always generous to smart and clean little brothers in the neighborhood.

–        I became a fashion consultant and personal shopper for my peers as young as 14, I knew all the corners and shops of every market in the city where the latest fashion trends could be gotten. Even though I made some money sometimes as tips from those trips, I mostly did it out of pleasure and recognition because I earned a lot of respect from doing that. It was a similar story in the university before I immigrated to the United States.

–        While in America, I was faced with the difficulty of finding what I want in the shopping malls at the price I was willing to pay for and could not get any help from the friends I had and people I was living with. Like the Greek Philosopher Socrates once said “Necessity is the mother of inventions” I had to research until I figured how to live my dapper lifestyle again with the minimum wage I was making 😊. I am going to unveil to you the secretes as we get along on this blog. I have helped architect tons of people for their major events on a personal level and I feel like it is time for me to reach a wider audience as many people out there need help with upgrading their wardrobe, design their homes, own the best personal gadgets and get their appearance game upped.

Thanks for reading through, if you read my story to the bottom then you are ready to learn the art of being and becoming dapperized. Now visit my diversified menu to learn what you need to know about each category you may want to improve on, I am sorry if you do not find what you may be interested in yet as this is a new venture. If you drop us a comment, I will make sure I make a post on the topic at my earlier convenience.



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